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Mohd HazliStarted uwphotography from 2002 using Nikonos V and 35mm lens. Recent setup are: Nikon D100 with Aquatica D100 housing, 12-24mm, 105 MF, Olympus SP350 with PT030 housing, Nikonos SB105 and Inon Z220 strobes, Inon Macro and Fish Eye lens. Most fav dive sites are Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, Redang, Perhentian, Tioman.My Website
Nikola HrzenjakCanon 600d + IkeliteMy Website
Dalibor AndresI started taking underwater images in 2002. First I got cheap underwater Ewa-marine housing U-AXP. Now I use a Canon EOS 350D in Sea&Sea housing with Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe. My favourite lenses are EF-S 60mm macro and Tokina AT-X 107 DX Fisheye AF 10-17mm. Most of my pictures are done in the Adriatic Sea (Croatia).My Website
Brett HaddenHi, I have bee taking under water pictures for a shor while now and absolutly love it, wheather its a normal dive, drift dive or wrek dive i have my camera with me as i never know what is going to catch my eye. Fave photo dive must be the Thistelgorm and any dive site located around Dahab. Camera: Cannon ixus with wide angel lenz and flash.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Rocz Llavecanon ixusPhilippinesPhilippines
mark lowissi use variuos camrera from the Cannon powershot range. Favourite sites are the similan islands in Thailand and FijiUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Steve HarmsI'm mostly using a Canon G7 and G10 in a canon housing. Been doing this for about 3 years. I have a canon 40D that I'll be getting a housing and strobes for shortly. Figured I'd get the nack with the point and shoot first before graduating to the more complex rig. Anywhere below the surface is my favorite photo dive site...United StatesUnited States
aabb bbcckomodoMy Website
Jenny DodsonIm still starting out and dont have my own camera. The pictures i take are just for fun using friends cameras. But i really enjoy it and when i have the cash will hopefully get my own equipment!FijiFiji
Michel LonfatI started diving in 1986 in Papua New Guinea. I decided to try underwater photography during a trip in Thailand in 2003. Since then, I always dive with my Camera. Actually I focus my passion of photographing fish from fresh waters. My wish is to bring people to a greater awareness of the surprising beauty and wealth which we find in our lakes and rivers in our region.My Website
johannetta gordijnCanon G9 Canon G11 INON Z240 BonaireNetherlands AntillesNetherlands Antilles
Kay Burn LimD300, Sea & Sea Housing, 2x YS-110 strobes, Fisheye Focus light, Stix Arms, S&S TTL Convertor, Optical Dome Port, Athena 105VR Macro port, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 HSM DX Marco, Nikkor 105VR Micro, Nikkor AF-S 60 F2.8 Micro, Tamron 10-17mm Backup Camera- Sea & Sea DX-1G with heavy base stay/grip & WA lensAzerbaijanAzerbaijan
bhoyet etpisonI,m using olympus E volt-300 My favorite dive site is BLUE CORNER(palau)PalauPalau
Nedip EminI live since 4 years in Asia and dive as much as I have time to do it. I use a Nikon D200 with a Sea&Sea DX200 housing and two Inon Z240 strobes. I practice underwater photography since 2003. My favorite dive site is everywhere in the tropics cause I finde everywhere something special for me to take a picture of. My wish is to bring the beauty of nature closer to everyone and to stimulate them to take care of our nature in regards of saving the oceans, reefs and its inhabitants.My Website
Jeff StarchukI took up diving in 2006. Got hooked after the first dive. I have since dove the great reefs of Cozumel, Dominican , Cuba , and the beautiful waters of the west coast of British Columbia , Canada. The cenotes of Mexico are unbelievable. A must see for all divers. I started taking pics underwater three years ago. My first camera was a Canon s2 1s with a canon housing. No strobe. Pics were terrible. I moved on to a Sealife Dc600 with one strobe. Better pics but not what I wanted. Last year I added another strobe. Much better pics. Having the point and shoot wasnt doing the job. I have just ordered the Canon G11 and housing. I will use the strobes I have for now. Practice , practice , practice. I know my pics will be much better this year in Coz. My land camera is a Canon 40D , which I am very happy with , along with the assorted lens I like to play with. So knowledge of the camera will come in handy underwater. Happy divin.CanadaCanada
Mordechai SaxonMost of the pictures shown are with Nikonos V, except for the newest ones using the Nikonos RS. The majority of them were shot using one SB-105 flash; or two SB-105's or one SB-104 with an SB-105 as a slave. Most of these shots are taken in Grand Cayman. A few in Cozumel or Eilat. Hope you like the photos. Feel free to write back with comments, questions or suggestions on how to improve. Hope you enjoy...United StatesUnited States
Bryan EslavaHi my name is Bryan. I shoot all manor of Sea & Sea Camera Systems. My Favorite is my Nikon D50/Dx D50 w /YS 110 Auto Strobe. My favorite dive is the USS Oriskany. StatesUnited States
Don DiverNikon D-200 Subal Duel Ikelite DS125United StatesUnited States
ANTONIO PASTORELLINikonos RS, flash Sea & Sea YS-300 + YS 90, lightning system FA & MI 150W HID (x 2) + 50 W Led. Nikonos V. CMAS ** star instructor FFESSM - Fédération Française d'études et de Sports Sous-Marins - Moniteur Fédéral 1er degré Favorite dive site: Rangiroa, French PolynesiaMy Website
Bernardo MelloI have started diving 3 yeasr ago, but I became passioned I have more than 200 dives and I am cave and teck qualify. I have started taking pictures almost in the same time I have started diving, which became a second passion. I've started using a W7 but I have updated to a Canon G9, and I am starting with a wide angle lens.My Website
1424 Entries Found: Page 51  of  72