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Nicci KershlerI have been diving for about 1 year and have fallen in love with underwater photography and video. I use a Olympus SP560 without a strobe. I mainly dive around the northern beaches in Sydney NSW. Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower are diverse dive spots for a range of underwater photography. I am currently studying for my divemaster qualification and hope to become an instructorAustraliaAustralia
Mike Bartickshooting for 5 years or so currently shooting Nikons D300-MDX300 Nikon D80-DX-D80 Sea and Sea strobes or Ikelite strobes, 110, 125's, 90's 60mm, 105mm, +10 diopters, 10-17mm etc... Favorite spot to shoot right now is Indonesia or CaliforniaMy Website
United StatesUnited States
John CarrollAmature photog. Using Sealife DC600 elite, Dive/snorkel Dominican RepublicUnited StatesUnited States
Caitlin Braithwaitei use an olympus 5050. ive been taking underwater photos for almost a year. my fav site Julian Rocks, which is at Byron Bay Australia.AustraliaAustralia
Ng StevenCanon A640, diving for 16 years, u/w photgrapher for year, favourite photo dive sites is P. Perhentian, Pulau Tengol, Tioman, Maldives. upgraded to G9 Sept 08 G10 on Feb09 Upgraded to G10 in Jan2010My Website
James McMahonOlympus C7070WZ with Inon D2000 Strobe.My Website
Nicholas GiannelisSEA AND SEA DX-1GUnited StatesUnited States
Richard BibbI started diving in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands and trying to explain the beauty of it led me to want to take photos underwater. Initially I used those cheap disposable cameras you find in airports but, without a flash or a decent lens, the colours were all wrong and the quality poor. Some time later I switched to an Olympus C5050z in an Olympus housing. This truned out to be a wonderful investment that, coupled with a housing upgrade (to an Ikelite housing) and an external strobe, lasted nearly five years. My improved abilities and it's resolution and shutter lag limitations proved too frustrating. My latest camera brings me right up to date and is way more capable that it's user. It's a canon 5D in a Subal housing with twin Inon Z240 strobes. Room to grow I hope...... The only fly in the ointment is a new born son, who I love to bits. I'll see soon what it's like taking a 9 month old son on a diving holiday :0)United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Ben and ChrisHi me and my friend are diving in the Fjord of Saguenay in Canada, this site is known to be extremely cold and completely dark after 20 fts, we use a 10W HID light with a 600 lumens 44 led's focus light a SD 500 strobe and a Canon SD750 as camera. It is so dark down there that we need to be in team to take perfect pictures. Enjoy!! this 130 fts rareness!!CanadaCanada
michelle choong_khooI'm just a fun loving point n shoot kind of photographer trying to figure out the best settings uw with my Canon G7 or G10, accessorized with 1 Inon strobe & inon UCL !!! O_O We in Malaysia are blessed with so many good diving spots..and we can dive in the same island over n over yet find new things on every dive..but if I have to name a fave dive site, then Sipadan/Mabul wins . Diving is made so much more enjoyable bring the camera down. To me, there is beauty in every living creature on our lovely blue planet...especially uw ones :D Have a GREAT DAY :> Website
Robert PalmerOlympus Sp-550United StatesUnited States
Gary BeechenoPADI instructor (9 years) and BSAC Dive Leader (3 months) diving UK and Egypt mainly although have dived Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans too. Photography with Casio Exilim EX-Z1050 and housing with Fantasea strobeUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Claus LarsenI use a Nikon D70s in a Sealux housing Nikon SB 800 in housing and a Nikonos SB 105 as flash 2 My Website
Philip DacreI use Olympus sw 795 and dive at house reef Alona BeachPhilippinesPhilippines
Andrew EastwoodDive photographer for two years, currently with Canon EOS 40D in Ikelite housing with Ikelite DS125 and DS160 stobes.My Website
Hong KongHong Kong
Lyndon Cubillani'm just a newbie in underwater photography but im learning the ropes quite fast with the able mentorship of my u/w photographer friends. right now i'm using the lumix tz3 with its underwater housing.My Website
David BiermanI used an Olympus C-5050 for about four years. I recently made the jump to DSLR, and am currently shooting with an Olympus E-410. I love muck diving, so naturally, Lembeh is my destination of choice.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Kay WilsonSea and Sea DX1 / YS25 Strobe St. VincentMy Website
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Mohd HazliStarted uwphotography from 2002 using Nikonos V and 35mm lens. Recent setup are: Nikon D100 with Aquatica D100 housing, 12-24mm, 105 MF, Olympus SP350 with PT030 housing, Nikonos SB105 and Inon Z220 strobes, Inon Macro and Fish Eye lens. Most fav dive sites are Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, Redang, Perhentian, Tioman.My Website
Nikola HrzenjakCanon 600d + IkeliteMy Website
1442 Entries Found: Page 51  of  73