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Ernesto CordellaI used a Nikon camera D90 wich two sea&sea 350s TTL-pro. I phottographer 4 hear my favorite dive siite is Italia liguriaItalyItaly
Michael WeberbergerMichael Weberberger, born 1968 in Leoben. I had my first diving experiences in 1990 in Thailand. After a longer break due to starting a family, I decided to pick it up again in 2002 and took the diving license on Elba, Italy. Further courses were pursued up to the title of a Rescue Diver.I started to photograph in 2005, equipped with an Olympus c5050 purely to capture holiday impressions. After a tiger shark expedition in 2009 I decided to purchase a DSLR camera and since then I am heavily involved in underwater photography. My biggest passion is (cage-) free shark divingMy Website
Andre Snoopy MontenegroCanon t2i ikelite housing 2x sea and sea ys-110a ultralite arms. Been taking pictures since 2010. Favorite dive site is dumaguete Philippines. I'm a PADI scuba instructor at scuba ventures dumaguete www.dumaguetedive.comMy Website
Andre VanheckeNikon D70S + Subal Housing Nikon 60mm, Tokina 10-17mm 2 x Sea & Sea YS110a flash UW Photographer since 2010 My Website
Carmen casanovaDiving since 2001 u/w photograpfy 2011. My first camera was a compact camera olympus but now i´m using Nikon D90 Nautican housing, wide angle 10-17mm Tokina flash Sea & Sea ys110 @ - ysd1.SpainSpain
Sylvain BesI use reflex 550D Canon With Ikelite housing. Without strobes (for the moment...) I take underwate pictures since January 2012. In Scuba of course ! But in freedive too !! :) My web site : (under construction when i have the time...) My Website
Ryan MageeUs a Panasonic TS2. Be taking pictures for about 2 years now.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Kiel CarreauShooting w/ Canon 7D and wishing I could live underwater!United StatesUnited States
Erik van DoesburgDiving since 2005, uw/photography since 2006. about 1200 dives. So far: Bonaire Bali (Indonesia) Curacao Cyprus Egypt France Maldives South Africa Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago) Turkey NetherlandsNetherlands
Carlotta AronaI use a Canon G12 and Canon underwater housing. Don't have a favorite photo dive site, I find there is something interesting to spot at each dive. I got into underwater photography onmy recently and absolutely love it.ItalyItaly
Philippe VelgheOlympus E-PL3 Olympus house Twin Inon S-2000 StrobesBelgiumBelgium
Dawn ThomasI use a Canon G12 and have just bought a GoPro Hero 2 to experiment with. I am a scuba diver and love diving at Green Bay Cyprus. I've been taking photographs underwater for about 3 years but only in the last 12 months have I really learned how to take photos of a consistent quality rather than being totally hit and miss as far as results.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
windiarto tjandraJakarta, Indonesian based photographer. the author of fashion underwater book "Nadine , Labour of Love"IndonesiaIndonesia
Makis MarkouliasIm into underwater photography with one breath since 1999. Iuse Compact or Dslr cameras to capture my shots,Currently use a Canon 5D Mark II with mostly Canon prime lenses and Nimar housing System. All of my Images were taken on a Single Breath of air Under Natural Light in various Depths - No Flashlight or Breathing Aids are ever used. Please Visit my Personal website for more : or you can visit the below Facebook page to Enjoy some of my breathholds photos : Freedive underwater photography & videography Makis MarkouliasMy Website
Roberto ErtaCanon 1000d, 2 strobe Sea&Sea 110, housing Nimar. They are underwater photographer since September 2010, for me the most beautiful place for diving is Anilao (Philippines).ItalyItaly
ilan lubitzI am diving already 46 yeas. i am doing underwater photos more then 20 years. i was born in Israel, but now i am philippines resident. as israel resident i used to dive in the red sea. now i dive in anilao batangas in the philippines. i am using the nikon D3X with sea&sea housing.My Website
Federico BettiI use a Canon G10 camera in a Canon housing, with a Sea &Sea external strobe and a Inon magnifier wet lens!My Website
Fikret Tuzcuusing sealife dc1400 pro duo, my favorite dive site in Turkey is Kas, Antalya.TurkeyTurkey
carlo avioI am a marine biologist and diving for 12 years. just lately I got closer to underwater photography. until recently I was using a sony compact, but now I bought a Nikon p7000. I think I'm inexperienced and I'm here to learn by observing other snapshots.ItalyItaly
Cindy DuggerI've been a diver for just over 1.5 years. I am shooting with an NEX-7 in a Nauticam House using (2) - Inon S-2000 strobes. I absolutely love taking pictures of the very, very tiny stuff - give me nudibranchs! I've been lucky enough to dive multiple places in the Caribbean and Florida, but call SoCal home. It is my favorite place to dive.United StatesUnited States
1408 Entries Found: Page 9  of  71